good·y-good·y  [good-ee-good-ee]noun - a person who is self-righteously, affectedly, or cloyingly good

We like to think of people who give on a regular basis as goodiegoodies, but not in the traditional sense of the word. We think giving is cool, so our mission is to change what it means to be a goodiegoodie. With so many wonderful charities and socially responsible companies out there, we want to make it easy - and cool - for you to do good. We want to make you into a goodiegoodie.

Our history:

This here little blog started as an experiment during the holidays in 2010. I called on my personal network of friends and family to make one tiny little addition to their holiday giving lists and make one donation. Pick one person and make a donation in their name instead of buying them a gift. If you absolutely had to buy gifts, purchase a socially responsible product. There are tons of companies and stores out there that will donate part of the proceeds of their sales or chip in a donation to a worthy organization with your purchase.

This site was originally meant to be an experiment during the 2010 holiday season, but we found so many awesome organizations and socially responsible companies out there that we kept going even after the holidays. Most of the charities and companies we've posted have come from a personal connection of goodiegoodie - so please feel free to comment, email, Facebook or Tweet me ideas for this blog. All the contact info you could possibly need is right up there.

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