Monday, January 3, 2011

project 7

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  I have returned from a short hiatus during which I caught up on my Netflix and did. not. clean. anything before returning to the grind of this new year.  And here I am.  Hellooo!  With a brand new, shiny, first-of-the-year, easy-as-chewing-gum-and-doing-nothing-at-the-same-time way to give back.

Who knew giving back could be so easy? Apparently the people at Project 7 knew this, and they developed a line of consumer goods that we all use every day, like gum.  They then give more than 50% of their annual profits toward 7 areas of critical need in the world (hence, the name):

Save the Earth
Heal the Sick
Teach them Well
Hope for Peace
Feed the Hungry
Quench the Thirst
House the Homeless

Project 7 was created as a way to give back, inspire others, and educate people on real needs throughout the world. Their goal is to “Change the Score," which means to make significant, measurable differences in the world.  Awesome.  Buy Project 7 products like coffee or water, or freshen your breath and save this crazy little world of ours today!  (Pick some up when you check out at Barnes & Noble, Caribou Coffee, and Whole Foods...hint hint.)

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  1. Thank you for your kind endorsement and support!
    shoot us your address info at project 7 dot com and I'd love to send out a free P7 tee shirt to say thanks.

    tyler merrick
    founder Project 7


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