Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Today, December 1, is World AIDS Day and (RED) needs your help turning the world (RED) and drawing attention to the efforts of eliminating mother-to-child transmission of HIV by 2015.  (RED).

The (RED) campaign works with brands to create unique products which give up to 50% of their profits to the Global Fund to invest in HIV and AIDS programs in Africa.  (The Global Fund, in case you were wondering, gives 100% of (RED) dollars to HIV/AIDS programs in Africa, including interventions targeting women and children.)  There are actually some really cool products in the catalog.  For instance, I've always been a big fan of the (RED) Hallmark cards.  Or if you're in the market for a candle or a laptop, they've got those, too.

I support this particular cause because it's about time global corporations start using their power for the good of the planet, don't you think?  And if we are going to be consumers anyway, I think we might as well buy products that also benefit the world in some way (and not just corporate profit margins).  Campaigns like (RED) also continue to raise awareness (even though I'm sure we are all aware of the horrific AIDS crisis in Africa) and hopefully remind most of us of how lucky we are and what we should be doing to help. *step down*

What if you're done with your holiday shopping?  I hate you.  Just kidding. But there are a bunch of other ways you can support the campaign.  Today, you can turn your Facebook profile photo red, post a tweet, or unlock the (RED) badge on foursquare to show your support of RED. Also, do all the major landmarks look red to you?  Yeah.  That's (RED) illuminating the world’s most iconic landmarks (RED) to raise awareness of the goal of an AIDS Free Generation due in 2015.

If you don't want to buy products but still want to contribute, you can go directly to the United Nations Foundation site where you can make a contribution to the Global Fund inspired by (RED).

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