Monday, June 6, 2011

Our girl Oprah is gone *sob*, but I am still here! And I have returned with a FREE and EASY way that you can make the world a better place simply by doing something you have always done: searching the innernets. recently launched, a free online search service that enables anyone to help protect the environment every day simply by doing searches on the innernets. is powered by Bing and Yahoo, so you still get high-quality search results, but by using, you also help the environment at the same time. Each search generates proceeds that support environmental projects and organizations that are supporting renewable energy, reforestation and other efforts to reduce pollution, clean our air and water, protect habitats and wildlife, and fight climate change. Envirosearch's current projects include the Haiti Reforestation Initiative, India Mangrove Project, and United States Reforestation Projects.

I set my Google Chrome browser to automatically default to envirosearch whenever I do a search. It was easy and I feel real good about saving a tree every time I search for social work careers and/or espadrilles. Now you go and follow the simple instructions on the website (click "Add ES to your browser") and do the same!

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