Thursday, November 24, 2011

happy thanks-giving: redux

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! A year ago (tomorrow to be exact), I started this little blog to encourage people to think about giving more than just games and toys to their loved ones for the holiday season. This year (Hello!) I ask for more of the same. I think that given the current economic climate and some of the most destitute conditions for some people on the planet that we've seen in our lifetime, it's more important than ever that we reach out and make an effort to help those in need.

In my continued effort to make the world a little bit better, I will endeavor to post about a different cause, organization, or charity every day between now and Christmas. My hope is that one will call out to you and you will respond by helping them do their good work, either in your name or on behalf of someone else. Most of us don't really need more stuff...but there are people out there who need so much - and a little bit can often go a long way.

So, let's get to giving again, shall we? Along the way, please let me know if you have feedback or ideas. And thank you to those of you who have already given me so many great ideas! Happy Giving, y'all!

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