Thursday, June 16, 2011

america's moms for soldiers

My little brother has been a Sailor in the US Navy for 14 years. He has three kids and is currently deployed. He will not be home to celebrate Father's Day with his family this year (or his birthday a few days later), as in many years in the past. But, his family will send him gifts and packages and messages filled with love. He can be guaranteed of that.

There are a lot of soldiers who have no such guarantee. Some get deployed to the other side of the world and to some extremely dangerous places. And while they're there some never receive packages filled with comfort, reminders of home, or words of love and encouragement.

In honor of our mom whose birthday was yesterday, my brother on Father's Day, the brave soliders who won't be home to celebrate Father's Day with their families, and the fathers left at home to parent on their own, I want everyone to know about America's Moms for Soldiers. This all-volunteer 501(c) (3) organization sends monthly care packages to soldiers, Marines, and Airmen serving in Iraq and Afghanistan who receive little or no mail from home. Many of the servicemen and women are assigned to Forward Operating Bases or Outposts and do not have access to basic items like snacks and hygiene supplies. America's Moms For Soldiers works directly with Chaplains and Commanders to coordinate their efforts to provide support to those who don't receive care packages from home.

Amazing. Thank you.

If you're not convinced yet as to why this is such a worthy charity, first, they claim that because they are all volunteers, they are able to keep their administrative costs down and 95% of all donations go directly to packages for troops. And if that's not enough, or if you are just a sucker for heart-wrenching, feel-good stories, please visit their Photo Gallery and read some of the letters from the soldiers explaining what receiving packages meant to them. I challenge you not to cry. Go ahead...I dare ya'.

And then make a donation of money or supplies to send some love from home to our brave troops overseas. Happy Father's Day.

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